3 Pack £7.99

//3 Pack £7.99

3 Pack £7.99





Choose from
Sausage roll
Mince rounds
Mini steak pie
Pork links
Breakfast pack
Spiced beef ham
Frying steak
Hot&spicy links
Chicken fillet
Hot and spicy chops
Chinese chops
Salt and pepper chops
BBQ spare ribs
Chinese square slice,Sliced sausage
Onion sausage
Steak mince
Chicken burgers
Chicken legs
Piri Piri chicken legs
Kentucky bbq chops
Kentucky bbq chicken legs
Salt and pepper chicken legs
Hot and spicy chicken legs
Garlic and butter chicken legs
Chinese chicken legs
Smoked and Unsmoked bacon
Bacon steaks


At the checkout page you can add the 3 items when asked if you want to add a note to the order;

All our flavourings are GLUTEN FREE